The Destination of Choice

At Impi Linux we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers absolute choice in their software infrastructure. Through our impressive software stack of open source and optional proprietary software we are able to offer complete, end-to-end software solutions for any organisation.

Impi Linux SOS

Not only does Impi Linux offer complete Linux solutions, we also offer peace of mind.
We have now launched the Impi Linux Software Optimisation Subscription (SOS) service to all organisations.

Impi Linux Enterprise Server

Impi Linux is currently putting the final touches to an enterprise back-end offering called Impi Linux Enterprise Server 2007. We are currently developing Impi Linux Enterprise Server in partnership with some of our most trusted and valued clients. Impi Linux Enterprise Server features file and print services, Groupware, an optional document management system, backup and monitoring services, all integrated with LDAP directory services.

Impi Linux Desktops
We have expanded our desktop offerings to include “Business Class” versions for OEM and home users as well as corporate users, over and above our “Premier Class” custom distributions.

The Mile High Club

Impi Linux has an extensive partnership program, The Mile High Club, giving our partners access to the same benefits that we enjoy from our upstream partners such as Canonical, CodeWeavers, and OpenCounty.

The Mile High Club is all about sharing. We embark on shared opportunities and marketing with Mile High Club members that have met the membership requirements for small or large companies.

The Mile High Club also allows our customers a choice of service providers to support their Impi Linux deployment, allowing them to choose the right sized Mile High Club partner for their organisation.

Impi Linux is the destination of choice.