Ubuntu For Business

Ubuntu is undoubtedly one of the most popular Linux distributions ever. With such popularity many organisations have begun considering or adopting Ubuntu as the platform to run their IT operations. Impi Linux offers services, support and add-on products which can fast-track the adoption of Ubuntu in any organisation.

Impi Linux does not compete with Ubuntu. Rather, it optimises Ubuntu by offering services such as the Impi Linux SOS (software optimisation subscription) service. Impi also offers advanced customisation services, migration, change management, training and consulting, facilitation and services.

Our products are focused on enhancing the extensive software stack that is already built into in Ubuntu. These include Groupware, systems management, provisioning, legacy integration to back-end systems such as Windows directory services and Groupware.

If you are considering Ubuntu in your organisation, then you need to speak to Impi Linux.

We are Ubuntu for Africa. We are Ubuntu for Business.