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Impi Linux is a South African company that develops, releases, supports and maintains the ImpiLinux operating system. It is also an official representative of Ubuntu and an official Ubuntu support provider in Africa. Impi Linux' primary business centres around the development of enterprise operating systems to exact customer requirement. This involves doing an audit of existing systems, documenting existing infrastructure, evaluating an organisation's readiness to migrate to the Impi Linux operating system, developing a strategy for the migration, documenting migration paths and then building a distribution, incorporating both open source and proprietary software to meet the customer's exact requirements. Training (including certification), facilitation and change management services are also offered. Impi considers its engagements with customers to be partnerships, not short-term sales deals. That it is an African company means that should customers require bug-fixes, or product changes, these are done on a face-to-face, hands-on basis. Support is available via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face. The company is focused on both government and private sector business in South Africa and Africa. As an official Ubuntu representative, it has immediate access to Ubuntu's international development team, extensive driver database and internationally accredited software. ImpiLinux bases all of its product offerings on the standards that Ubuntu is built around. This guarantees seamless interoperability of all Impi Linux products with all Linux standards-based products.

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