Impi Linux Premier

Impi Linux Premier products are tailor-made distributions built to the exact customers requirement, using a mix of tried and trusted technologies, business acumen and Impi Linux-derived innovations to meet a customer's specific needs. This entitles its customers to exceptional savings on upfront costs and vastly lowered TCO in the deployment of a world class business operating platform. These solutions are targeted at government and the private sector, and include full support, training and change management services as and where required.

Impi Linux consults with its Premier customers on every aspect of their IT systems and requirements. It completes a full system and infrastructure audit as well as a migration-readiness assessment. Once a customer is ready to move to Linux, and its requirements clearly documented, a migration strategy is developed, the distribution is built, and Impi Linux implements the solution and facilitates training on that specific distribution for the customer.

Custom-built distributions include anything and everything the customer requires - be it open source or proprietary software. In this way the customer is assured of getting a solution that meets its exact requirements.

There are few or no post-configuration procedures - once the distribution as been installed, all the necessary applications are there and it works immediately, resulting in reduced implementation costs.

Impi Linux can integrate its solutions into most corporate back-ends, and also offers enhanced desktop customisation with corporate wallpaper or company-specific icons, for example. Enhanced security configuration including full desktop-lockdown is also an option.

Impi Linux offers full support and maintenance via the Impi Linux SOS service, tailored to each customer's specific and particular requirements.