Impi Linux, Arivia.kom launch internship programme

Impi Linux and Arivia.kom have joined forces to launch a Linux internship programme. The two companies have made a commitment to train an initial 30 learners in the skills required to admin Linux systems. Candidates will conclude their training with a Linux Professional Institute(LPI) certification.

The programme is registered as an ISETT SETA(Sector Education Training Authority) internship programme.

"This programme will contribute to helping Government achieve its goals in the Linux and open source realm," says Sipho Yeni, managing executive of Arivia.kom's Focused Business Solutions division. "Until now, it has been a challenge to find the correct skills to roll out Linux and open source technologies at national, provincial and municipal level."

"The benefits of Linux and open source are also clearly evident to the majority of business minds in the local market," says Gary Fortuin, managing director of Impi Linux. "That said, however, it's clear that what's holding adoption back to a great degree is the lack of high-end, affordable skills in the market. With this internship programme, we aim to initially create 30 valuable resources for the local market to begin bridging that gap.

"In the long term, we see this internship programme gaining more support from industry and resulting in a further reaching transformational effect on the South African IT market," says Fortuin.

A third of the candidates for the internship programme already have some form of tertiary qualification in IT or computer science. "This means that roughly one third of the learners concluding the programme will be cross-skilled in numerous areas of the IT market," says Fortuin. "As those in the know within the IT market will testify to, these kinds of skills are most sought after.

"The other two-thirds of the selected candidates," he says, "have no formal tertiary education. This is where the highest transformational effect will take place, since we will be in a position to empower young
South Africans that have previously struggled to find employment with rare knowledge in the Linux and open source markets and vastly increase their chances of career success."

"One of the most valuable aspects of this programme is the fact that these skills will be created across the South African landscape," says Yeni.

"Since Arivia.kom has a national footprint, when it comes to experiential training, on the job knowledge creation and mentorship, the thirty candidates will be spread out across that national footprint. It means that unlike many internships undertaken in the local market, we will be creating a national skills base that can be tapped into at any business centre throughout the country," he explains.

Arivia.kom and ImpiLinux have concluded their recruitment process and have begun the training portion of the programme. On completion, the candidates will enter the workplace and begin using the knowledge they have gained in a first hand manner, in the field.

Ian Madonsela, Arivia.kom's business solution manager says that once the candidates have qualified they will be assigned to project teams headed by experienced project managers. "This will ensure that they will gain the requisite business and client interface insights that are so important to the success of any project."

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