Impi Linux Announces the 'Mile High Club'

Impi Linux is proud to announce a brand new partnership programme, designed to bring the company’s offerings to its partners in a mutually beneficial way. Entitled 'The Mile High Club' to correlate with the company’s aviation theme for the programme, the intention is to better serve partners in providing Impi Linux's products and services to their clients.

By involving themselves in the programme, partners will be enabled to maximise their offerings in terms of Impi Linux’s range of customised, industry-specific Linux products and ensure their clients of the highest level of professional support.

“Impi Linux has decided to employ a dynamic partner strategy in growing its network of service providers,” says Gary Fortuin, managing director for Impi Linux. “Via this programme, we will be giving our partners access to some of the best local Linux skills on offer. Furthermore, our partnership programme has a developmental aspect to empower the SMME market to provides services within the growing Linux segment.”

“Given our strategic partnerships with international organisations such as Canonical and CodeWeavers, we will also be providing our partners with access to the same professional services and products we currently enjoy,” he adds.

The programme uses elements of Ubuntu’s partnership programme utilised internationally. “We’ve taken the programme from Ubuntu and adapted it to the local environment with its unique needs and challenges,” says Fortuin. “Just as we have taken Ubuntu itself and adapted it to specialised local demands, in the spirit of open source. Partners can therefore be assured that the services Impi brings them are optimised for the South African market.”

The programme will focus on breaking ground for Impi Linux’s products in the market and the generation of leads, which will then be handed down to the company’s partners. “The idea is that we do all of the hard work in arousing clients via our substantial network of connections and then pour the leads generated into the channel. Impi Linux takes care of the high-level technical requirements, strategy and marketing; its partners take care of the rest, with the company’s assistance.”

Mark Shuttleworth bought into Impi Linux last year, commencing the company’s relationship with Ubuntu.

As per the company’s agreement with Canonical, Impi Linux's products are now based on the dynamic Ubuntu platform. Whereas Ubuntu is aimed at a broad spectrum of Linux users, Impi's products are customised for specific customers, such as government departments, corporate enterprises and educational institutions. “Our products are focused on their intended environments,” explains Fortuin. “Impi Linux engages with customers alongside its partners. They take care of large scale deployments and support, whereas Impi takes care of escalated support, bug fixes and customisation requirements.”

In providing focused Linux products and services for the South African market, the Impi Linux partnership programme enables partners to provide their clients with the highest level of support and service via a relationship that places the partner in the most advantageous position for delivery.

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